The Wolverine Writing Center is Open For Business


Photo by Robert Kershner

Written by Robert Kershner

The Wolverine Writing Center is opening for business.

The Writing Center is opening for the 2017-2018 school year on October 3, 2017 in room 601 as a resource open to students during DenTime and lunch shifts.

“The main goal of the Writing Center is to have peer tutors,” says Writing Center Director Mrs. Harar. “It gives the opportunity to meet one-on-one with someone because teachers aren’t always available.”

The Writing Center’s purpose is to give students a way to meet with another student and receive help with their writing and the writing process when teachers aren’t there to help.

“I think anyone can visit the Writing Center. You can always get feedback, it’s always good to have someone else look at your work,” says Junior and Writing Center tutor Riley Abashian.

The Writing Center has groups of tutors who are equipped to help any student with their writing.

“The tutors here are very nice, they are very specifically chosen because they work well with others,” says Mrs. Harar. She says that each tutor was chosen because of their strong writing skills, their ability to work well with others, their responsibility, and their creativity. Last year, English teachers nominated the students and invited them to an informal breakfast where they received more information about taking the Writing Center class.

All students are welcome to visit the center, and teachers are encouraged to recommend the Writing Center because Mrs. Harar says that it lightens their workload and encourages the writing process overall.

The Writing Center depends on tutors to help support the center and help students who require writing assistance.

“There’s a good collection of tutors that can meet specific needs and be able to adapt to different people,” says Abashian.

Junior and tutor Raven Case is tutoring in the Writing Center for her second year, and she says that tutoring helps her in her own writing and gives her a way to help people.

“Last year was such a fun experience in [The Writing Center] class… over time us tutors got to be pretty good friends, and it was just such a nice chill environment,” says Case.

To sign up for a tutoring session in the Writing Center, look at the bulletin board outside room 601, look at the Woodgrove School website, or read some of the posters hanging around the school for more information.

“If you’re not a strong writer, one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it,” says Abashian.