Enough Is Enough: A Closer Look At Sexual Harassment in Society


Written by Adrian Gonzalez, Jordan Fiala, Rachel Castro, and Maryam Khan

Beginning in October of 2017, women of all backgrounds accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, leading to a widespread movement exposing those who have treated others in a demeaning manner. The #MeToo movement has brought a spotlight to this pressing issue in modern day society.

Many influential celebrities have spoken up about their sexual harassment experiences, bringing attention to the corruption in the entertainment industry. Several men including Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein have lost their high-paying jobs due to accusations. This sudden exposure has led women from all fields of work to come out about their personal stories. Some women have even been paid off to keep quiet. Sophomore Sophia David says, “It’s ridiculous how women are being paid off because they’re taking the money, and by doing that they’re letting it happen. There’s no justice in that.”

Sexual harassment is widespread not only in the professional world but in schools as well. The media has brought light to the issues. Young adults feel encouraged to now come out about the ways they have been exploited. Junior Craig Robertson says, “I knew this girl who had been sexually harassed and her parents sued the guy.”  Other victims have also spoken out and actions are being taken to bring the perpetrators to justice.

In Woodgrove, several students have witnessed forms of sexual harassment. Sophomore Julia Condie comments, “It has very closely affected me because of various reasons, as well as a shocking number of my friends and acquaintances. It gives me extreme pride to see my fellow women bravely coming forward against their abusers and calling attention to this pressing issue that affects so many people. I think society now realizes that this happens way more frequently than previously thought. It honestly really hurts my heart.”

The harassment is not always directly to the victim’s face. It often happens behind their back. Senior Daniel Shelton says, “It’s a lot of locker room talk, that’s all guys do.” Locker room talk is often demeaning towards whoever is being talked about.

Despite the degrading nature of sexual harassment, there is always someone to talk to. Woodgrove counselor Donna Kelly says, “We always encourage students if they’re sexually harassed by anyone to come and talk to us. It’s so not acceptable that it’s not something that we ever look the other way for.”