Fall Athletes Play For A Cause


Photo by Carissa Vergeres

Woodgrove volleyball players get together to create posters for their annual Dig Pink game against Loudoun Valley.

Written by Mia Cammarota

Woodgrove’s Field Hockey and Volleyball teams have raised a total of $5,195 to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Breast Cancer ‘Side Out’ Foundation.

Field Hockey hosted their third annual cancer awareness game on September 20th. They played Freedom High School winning 7-1, but this specific game wasn’t all about winning. The point of the game was to grow awareness and support for Leukemia and Lymphoma Blood Cancer. The team raised money in several different ways that were more personal than just giving donations, and had a great turnout of fans at their game. At the end of the night, they raised $2,195.

Volleyball’s freshman, junior varsity, and varsity also participated in a cancer awareness game. All donations went toward The Side Out Foundation which is for Breast Cancer Research. The games were held in Woodgrove High School’s Auxiliary and Main Gyms where students and parents gathered wearing pink to show support. The team had a bake sale outside the gym along with admissions, and 60% of the money went toward their foundation along with all the money the athletes individually raised. In total the team raised $3,000.

Varsity field hockey player Addison Halveland says, “We also sell paper hearts for $5, or people can offer a donation. On the heart you have the option of putting someone’s name who has been affected by cancer, and at the game all of the hearts will be hung together.”

Photo by Mary Thompson
The 2017 Woodgrove Field Hockey Team poses for a picture before their annual Stick it to Cancer game.

When raising money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society the field hockey team is given orange papered hearts. It makes giving money feel more personal for the donor because they can choose someone they are or were close to, and put their name on the heart. At the game everyone’s hearts were together on the same banner.

All three volleyball teams must reach out to others to raise money too. junior varsity volleyball player Carissa Vergeres says, “Coach Keilty tells everyone to raise money by contacting relatives, and going around to your neighbors. Each player has to raise a minimum of $150.00, many raise more than that.”

The players collectively raise money through generous donations and by holding a volleyball marathon. The marathon is all day, and the girls play many games to help add onto the money that was already raised individually. It’s a great way for the student athletes to practice valuable skills while asking for and collecting money from various people. Every year the game is against valley, and is a yearly tradition that the team participates in. Valley raises money too, and together are a major help to the Side Out Foundation.

The games aren’t held for a specific person, but Varsity Volleyball Coach Keilty says, “We remember all those who have gone before us as well as the survivors.”

Photo by Cameron Prymak
Senior Lauren Lynch spikes the ball against Loudoun Valley.

The three teams will be representing all cancer victims, and to show their support on the court the teams will be wearing brand new pink uniforms.

Unlike volleyball, field hockey has a specific person they are playing for. Varsity Field Hockey Coach Motarazzo says, “The game is for all Leukemia and Lymphoma victims, but personally for the team, Mrs. Young who coordinates the game and the fundraising.”

The team plays for everyone, but each year the opponent switches. This year they played Freedom, who were more than happy to participate in the cancer awareness game. This game was important to them too because they had a faculty member who struggled with Leukemia/Lymphoma.

At the day of the games both teams wore orange and pink t-shirts in support and to spread knowledge of the game. There were lots of people at the game which was crucial because the admissions fees go toward the foundations too.

Both teams have said they get the word out about their games over social media, so be on the lookout for future home games.