Just So: Just So: Woodgrove Drama Plans their Fall Musical


Photo by Rebecca Faletti

Left to right: Emily Reags (10), Meredith Gleason (12), and Savannah Geiger (11 rehearse for the show’s opening number, “Just So”.

Written by Rebecca Faletti and Meghan Dunster

The Woodgrove Drama department is kicking off their season with a relatively unknown show: Just So, a Drewe and Stiles musical adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s short stories.

It’s unusual for the fall show to be a musical, but this particular change was the result of a reaction of the students to the show they were going to do instead.

“We were going to do The Jungle Book, and it’s a full-length straight play, and the kids were like ‘why are we doing The Jungle Book the play? Let’s do The Jungle Book the musical!’,” explains drama department head David Noland, “Everybody knows those songs.”

But licensing and length issues abound. Disney only licenses The Jungle Book Kids, which would have been half an hour long, themed for children, and, they decided, not worth the $10 price of admission.

“So I said ‘okay, I have to look for something like The Jungle Book that is a musical, so that’s how I found Just So,” said Noland.

Though the show is themed to animals, they hope to avoid being too literal with the costume choices. In the same vein as the show’s wry, British humor, the costumes will be much more understated.

“Like having a dress that kind of looks zebra print instead of. . . being painted as a zebra,” says junior Kat Niemann.

Junior Colleen Clark, who sings, acts, and dances, says, “Sometimes I have to leave a rehearsal for a tap dancing lesson or a voice lesson, but rehearsals are mostly manageable for now.”

Just So will show on the weekend of November 10th and on the weekend of the 17th at 2:00 and 7:00 pm.