Rising Freshman Visit Woodgrove on Expo Day


Photo By Jeff Schutte

The Class of 2023 during Expo Day.

Written by Ainsleigh Shipp

Expo Day allows all rising ninth graders the opportunity to experience everything Woodgrove has to offer. Woodgrove SCA and Facetime leaders served as mentors on March 21 at the annual event.

Expo day is a half day of school where the eighth graders learn about Woodgrove’s clubs, athletics, and academics. The event requires cooperation from both Woodgrove and Harmony Middle School leaders to keep everything on track.

Woodgrove’s student Facetime leaders play a key role in Expo Day, and they prepared weeks in advance, making signs and planning for questions and advice for the eighth-grade class.

The schedule began with an assembly where the eighth graders were introduced to the principal, assistant principals, athletic directors, and counselors. Followed by that was the introduction to all of the arts, athletics, and activities that Woodgrove has to offer.

The class of 2023 was taken on a tour of Woodgrove by the Facetime leaders, which ended in the Auxiliary Gym after a trip to the cafeteria for t-shirts and cookies. The Aux Gym also housed a club fair, and the day ended in the Main Gym with the eighth graders’ class of 2023 picture.

While the day has changed over the years, the original idea of student leaders playing a role has blossomed. Counseling Director Geri Fiore said, “I think it (students taking a leadership role) is huge. It’s been a great addition to Expo day, and that was our vision a couple years ago, linking upper class mentors to the freshmen.”

While there are many things that teachers and students hoped the eighth graders take away from the day, sophomore student leader Elena Chamberlain said she hoped they would find, “That Woodgrove is inviting and full of opportunities for their high school experience.”

One part of the day that eighth grader Sarah Hall looked forward to most was “learning about the sports.” The athletics showcase included examples of each sport and members spoke about what the sport was and why they liked participating in high school sports.

From athletics to academics, the main idea was for the eighth graders to find a way to be involved once they arrive at WHS.

“The hope for the entire day when it (Expo Day) was designed was that something that the student sees – whether it’s a club or whether it’s a sports activity or a fine arts performance – just something that they connect with and say, ‘Wow, I want to be part of that when I get to Woodgrove,’” Fiore said.

It’s not just the eighth graders who gathered ideas from this day. Junior student leader Andrew Rishmawi said, “Working so hard on the Expo Day every year, has been so nice.” He especially likes to see “how much the upcoming freshmen enjoy the experience and even develop some new friends.”