Chromebooks Continue to Enrich, Improve Woodgrove

Woodgrove students having fun with their Chromebooks.

Photo by David Hamady

Woodgrove students having fun with their Chromebooks.

Written by David Hamady

Loudoun County Public Schools provided Chromebooks to students at the start of the 2018-2019 school year as a part of its “Deeper Learning” initiative.

46 schools received Chromebooks this year, 23 schools will receive them next year, and the remaining 23 schools will receive them in 2020. LCPS wants to reinforce the use of real-world tools for students.

“LCPS has provided a solid solution for meeting the needs of students with these devices,” said William Hicks, the Instructional Facilitator/Technology Specialist for Woodgrove. “The adoption by teachers as a classroom tool has been encouraging, and students are using the devices on a regular basis.”

Hick’s assessment is correct based on a recent poll of ten percent of the student body. In a poll of 157 students, 155 students said that they regularly use their Chromebooks, and only two said that they use their own personal devices from home. In that same poll, all 157 agreed that they enjoy having a more technology-based learning experience.

Chromebooks have introduced many different benefits as the school years has progressed. LCPS said that they want to give personal devices to students to learn “core content and competencies through the context of authentic, challenging problems. This environment will allow teachers to implement transformative uses of technology and allow students to take ownership of, and responsibility for, their own learning.” And one of those responsibilities is students choosing classes to take the following year.

“Chromebooks have been very helpful as we were able to have students access their course selection through their Chromebooks this year,” said Guidance Counselor Amy Scott. “As we meet with our seniors each year to help facilitate the college application process, Chromebooks are allowing students easy access to their Naviance account.”

The use of Chromebooks seems to be a long-term plan for LCPS. “I think Chromebooks are here to stay,” says Mr. Hicks, “Additionally, I’m sure that the design and capabilities of Chromebooks will also change. Over time, the technology that best meets the needs of our school community will be provided to our students.”