Samuel Hermens’ Verdict Decided Almost a Year Later


Written by Annie Gilbert and Kildea McMahon

Samuel Hermens, a teaching coach employed by Loudoun County Public Schools, was sentenced to two years in prison in July after his conviction on unlawful filming of female students at Woodgrove High School. According to the Loudoun Times Mirror, there may be as many as twenty victims.

Hermens was caught in October 2018, and pled guilty to three charges in April 2019. He was sentenced to two years in the Virginia Department of Corrections, four years of suspended time, and he will be placed on fifteen years of supervised probation. In addition, Hermens was required to register as an official sex offender by Judge Douglas Fleming Jr. under the Virginia’s Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry Act.

Hermens was seen taking the photos by a teacher, who noticed him acting in an unusual manner. The school’s camera system was able to show clear evidence of Hermens photographing under girls’ skirts with his phone.

At the time he was caught, Hermens was working as an itinerant reading coach and traveled to elementary schools around Loudoun County. He was not assigned to Woodgrove, but because of his LCPS administrative badge, Hermens was able to inconspicuously make his way into the school.

Unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident. Although he was not caught in the act, Hermens admitted to photographing girls at two other Loudoun County high schools as well.

In court, Hermens admitted dealing with mental illness and with the urge to photograph teenage girls in the past, and had sought therapy to help him with his issues.