Woodgrove Enforces Parking Policy for Student Lots

Crowded junior parking lot. Photo by Kylee Harrell.

Crowded junior parking lot. Photo by Kylee Harrell.

Written by Kylee Harrell, Ryan Wilkinson, and Robbie Showers

Many students have taken issue with the enforcement of the $200 fee to park in distant lots on school grounds. Upon investigation, The Outlander has found that there has been no change in policy, just greater enforcement of the rules.

This has caused much confusion amongst students who assumed they could park at the stadium and track and field lots for free, however, it has always been mandatory to buy a parking pass. In 2010, a $200 student fee to park on all school campuses was set by LCPS and hasn’t changed since. The stadium lot, which used to be a popular parking area for students, will only be used for special events after being deemed an eco friendly site not intended for everyday use. Students can still park in the paved lots near the stadium, however.

Woodgrove safety and Security Officer Ward Sigler responded to the new parking enforcement saying, “I’m the only one out there in the morning and there’s a lot of ground to cover. The parking lots will continue to operate as a first come first serve basis. Whoever arrives first will get the good spots.”