Meet Woodgrove’s New Theater Teacher, Ms. Addie Schafer

Ms. Schafer poses in front of the Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship sign. Photo provided by Stephen McClanahan

Ms. Schafer poses in front of the Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship sign. Photo provided by Stephen McClanahan

Written by Logan Johnson, Ashleigh Moffet, and Ryan Wright

With the school year successfully in motion, the Woodgrove Fine Arts Department has welcomed a new addition to the theater sector. Woodgrove’s new theater director, Addie Schafer, has taken the role for Woodgrove’s long time theater teacher, David Noland, who is now teaching at the newest Loudoun County high school, Independence. Among many other difficult tasks, Ms. Schafer has recently been granted the opportunity for a fellowship with the National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions.

As a former Briar Woods graduate, Schafer continued her studies at William and Mary, majoring in Theater and English as well as receiving her
Masters in Education. “I’m excited to finally meld all of my love of theater and teaching together here,” says Schafer.

Schafer has been involved in the theater realm for as long as she can remember, with loads of experience ranging from production performances at the high school level to attending the Cappies, a high school version of the Tonys held at the Kennedy Center.

Working in production for most of her life has also led her to be incorporated in several plays, musicals, and productions. She recollects on her most memorable as an Oompa Loompa with a creative twist using blacklight paint. Her high school received five nominations that year.

One of Schafer’s favorite professional roles was playing a fortune teller from Trinidad. “I didn’t think I was able to do it, but people actually thought I was from Trinidad when I played the part,” says Schafer.

As for Schafer’s latest achievement, she will be going on an educational expedition to Antarctica. Forty-five teachers will travel to eleven different locations aboard a ship accompanied by naturalists, professional videographers and photographers. She will have many hands on learning opportunities involving wildlife and nature.

Schafer has had numerous interesting experiences. After graduate school, she taught in Malaysia for a year, running after-school theater activities.

After coming home, Schafer began her career in Loudoun County and is in her fifth year as a Loudoun county teacher. She worked at the elementary level for the past four years.