ABAB Schedule Change

An empty Woodgrove hallway, lonely without students.

An empty Woodgrove hallway, lonely without students.

Written by Mason Vacca and Haley Oliver

After student and parent outcries, Woodgrove High School kicked off the second quarter by reintroducing the ABAB schedule. At the beginning of the 2020 school year, Woodgrove High School put an AABB schedule into place. The issue with the AABB schedule is that students did not see a classroom teacher for a five day span, making it hard to retain learning. When students were assigned homework due the next day, it would be challenging to complete, especially if students had after school activities.  Many speculated that the AABB schedule was created because it would make sanitizing the school more efficient. 

After interviewing Bea Maulfair, a 10th grade student at Woodgrove, she shared several points about why she liked the AABB schedule better.  “I personally prefer AABB because of my schedule. I found the workload easier to manage.”  To elaborate further, “I think that school is more challenging now because with the schedule change, I feel like teachers are under the impression that we will have more time to do homework and assignments because of the day in between; therefore they assign more work which makes it more challenging.” This was a common complaint from students. They felt the workload was fuller. 

Unlike previously stated, some students like the normalcy of the ABAB schedule, including Ben Tomlinson, a 10th grader at Woodgrove. “I prefer ABAB because it gives me more time to complete homework.” 

How will bringing back the ABAB schedule affect the transition to school? Woodgrove Assistant Principal Mrs. Thompson said, “When we come back to school, students will come on either a Tuesday/Wednesday or a Thursday/Friday combination.  Previously, with the AABB schedule, Students would have come on a Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday combination.” In a town hall meeting with Woodgrove Principal Mr.Shipp, he stated that masks and social distancing are required and will be enforced, also frequently touched areas will be cleaned every thirty minutes. 

While the school board is planning on going back to in school learning, a rise in cases could delay the time frame. All we can do is plan and prepare for the scheduled start of hybrid education, January 21st. Woodgrove High School and the School Board are doing everything they can for the health of students and staff. “We are trying to provide the utmost health and safety measures regardless of the schedule.  This includes implementing health and safety guidelines, and also enhanced cleaning measures by our fabulous custodial staff,” says Mrs. Thompson.