Coronavirus Vaccines Continue to be Distributed Across the Globe

Written by Ainsleigh Shipp, Lainey Lynch, and Logan Johnson

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages, countries have had to determine how they will administer vaccines to their citizens. Global governments have implemented varying courses of action regarding vaccination roll out. Some are more successful than others.

According to a graph released by Our World in Data, Israel is leading the world in cumulative doses, and on February 15th, 76.25 out of 100 people had been vaccinated, with the United Arab Emirates following with 51.43. However, the United States had 15.98 out of 100 people vaccinated on February 14th.

The United States vaccination plan has been decentralized, leaving the state governments to determine the best way to get the vaccines to their citizens. Plans for each state vary, and the new president, Joe Biden, has made a promise to vaccinate 100 million people within his first 100 days of office, hoping to get 1.5 million vaccinations administered a day. In an article published by BBC News, Biden is on his way to fulfilling that promise with help from the previous administration saying, “President Joe Biden set a goal of 100 million vaccinations administered by his 100th day in office – but they were already well on the way to that before he took office. An average of one million shots a day was hit on the 21st of January, the day after he was inaugurated.”

Canada has a more localized vaccine distribution plan like the United States, however the military will be playing a key role in their hand out. Canada also ordered enough vaccines for all of their citizens, according to the New York Times article, How the Vaccine Rollout Will Compare in Britain, Canada and the U.S., whereas the United States only ordered enough for fifteen percent of the population at the start. 

Britain has had a more centralized approach to vaccinations, giving their hospitals rules and guidelines to prepare. On February 14th, according to the same graph mentioned above, the United Kingdom administered 23.33 vaccines per 100 people. 

Worldwide vaccination roll out has not been an easy course of action, but countries and governments are trying to persevere amidst misinformation and ill planning in order to maintain the health and safety of their citizens. Despite the difficulty of accessing vaccines and getting enough for all of the citizens in each country, governments are stressing the importance of the vaccines so that a sense of normalcy can return to the world.

Photo provided by Creative Commons showing the case rating in many countries around the world.


India COVID-Vaccination center; man gets his shot to prevent the contraction and spread of COVID-19. Photo provided by Creative Commons.