The Best Ways for Women to Stay Safe

Image of a woman holding up pepper spray. 
Photo provided by The Washington Post.

Image of a woman holding up pepper spray. Photo provided by The Washington Post.

Written by Aidan Leahy and Megan Murphy

With March being Women’s Appreciation Month, the best way we can appreciate women is by keeping them safe and teaching them how to protect themselves. 

Although sexual assault can happen to anybody, women are at a significantly higher risk of being attacked as opposed to men. It is important to know how to protect yourself and to have all the necessary self-defense tools, especially if you are alone. 

One way to feel protected and secured in public spaces is through the use of apps. Each of these applications is accessible through an individual’s personal smartphone once downloaded. 

WalkSafe is an application that provides users with the ability to see what is occurring around them. The app includes a map overlook which visualizes any recent crime or suspicious behavior within the area. It allows users to develop an understanding of local crime patterns so that these locations can be avoided. 

Another application that is easily accessible for individuals is what3words. Through the use of this app, individuals can find, share, and save precise locations with others when they feel unsafe. 

bSafe is an application that allows users to utilize a variety of technology including voice activation, live streaming, and fake calling to prevent issues in suspicious situations. By enabling an SOS alarm, users can alert loved ones through the tap of a button. Through the mentioned features, an individual can seemingly be recording themselves on a live stream when in reality someone is being contacted with the individual’s whereabouts. 

Although there are many mobile apps that can help protect women, some self-defense tools are a great way to stay safe when in a dangerous situation. Pepper spray is a great tool to use since it is just one click away. There are also many small tools such as window breakers, personal alarms, emergency whistles, and self-defense keychains that can help a woman survive a scary situation. Some weapons can even be in disguise, such as tasers and pocket knives that are hidden to look like lipstick. 

By using these self-defense weapons and mobile apps, women can stay safer.