Loudoun County’s Updated Gender Policy: How does this affect Woodgrove?

On August 11, 2021, LCPS adopted Virginia state Policy 8040 acknowledging transgender and nonbinary students. This policy was surrounded by heated controversy and garnered national attention as Loudoun County Schools began to appear in national news outlets.

Section A of Policy 8040 ensures that LCPS staff must refer to students by their preferred name and pronouns, no matter what is indicated on their school record. Section B of the policy states that students are able to participate in whatever school activity is consistent with their gender identity (clubs, sports, etc.). Section C has gained the most attention, as it deals with the students’ access to facilities: “Students shall be allowed to use the facility that corresponds with their consistently asserted gender identity.” Section D asserts that all mental health professionals, including school counselors, are to receive training on topics relating to LGBTQ+ students. Section E allows the superintendent to create rules to make sure that this policy is followed appropriately. 

At Woodgrove, this means that teachers must maintain confidentiality when a student informs staff of their preferred pronouns. Also, Woodgrove, as well as all LCPS schools, offers gender neutral single use restrooms for all students.

The newly installed all-gender restroom sign at Woodgrove High School. (Lindsey Simpson)