New Year’s Resolutions: To Keep or Not to Keep

A New Year’s resolution is a personal goal or set of goals people set for themselves for the New Year. It is a tradition throughout the nation and world.

At the start of 2012, just like every other year before it, many people made a special commitment for the New Year. These are important because they make people motivated to do something they otherwise wouldn’t get around to. It also helps people stop their bad habits such as biting their fingernails or procrastinating.

Charlie Beggs, a junior, resolved to do more homework. This is a common resolution among students. Although people make these resolutions, even Beggs decided that he would probably not uphold them.

Coincidentally, New Year’s Eve and exam week are only a couple weeks apart. Because of this, students need to get more sleep. This is exactly what prompted Abby Thomas, a sophomore, to decide on her New Year’s resolution.

After being asked about the progress of her resolution a week later Thomas said, “At first, I kept with it. I actually wrote it down to remind myself but, I got lazy and gave it up a few days ago.”

On New Year’s, sophomore Mina Rollins was asleep as the balled dropped in Times Square. The only way she realized the new year had come when she heard her parent’s and sisters’ celebratory cheers from the living room.  She claims her apathy is exactly what she wanted to change in 2012.

Although she had a New Year’s resolution, Rollins said, “It isn’t that important to me. I really don’t care that the world is a year older.”