Woodgrove Receives Full Accreditation Status

By Claire Lewis.

A Virginia State School Accreditation Team visited Woodgrove’s building on March 11 and 12 to assess and evaluate different aspects of our school.  They served the purpose to give our school the “accreditation status.”

Typically, schools all around the country are evaluated for accreditation during their third year of existence.  To be accredited means to be given a certain status after passing an evaluation performed by non-Woodgrove, professional educators.  The State of Virginia analyzes multiple aspects regarding the school before considering the school “Fully Accredited.”  These aspects include tests scores, the meeting of AMOs, graduation rates, attendance rates, AP and Dual Enrollment participation, teachers’ education, and school safety.

These professional instructors were in the building for a full two days.  They observed different classes and interviewed certain teachers and students.  “The interview was fairly informal.  There were maybe 15 teachers and we were asked mainly the same questions that the students were asked, like our favorite part of Woodgrove and things we would improve,” said English and History teacher, Ms. Neubaum.

According to Woodgrove High School Report Card on the Virginia Department of Education Website, our school has met all standards and is “Fully Accredited.”  The whole report card with statistics can be seen on the Department of Education website.