Coming Home to Dance the Night Away

As seen in the print edition.

By Cate Renner.

Tony Rochon, Calculus teacher, dancing to Gangnam Style with fellow back-up dancers and teachers. Photo credit to Vista Staff
Tony Rochon, Calculus teacher, dancing to Gangnam Style with fellow back-up dancers and teachers.
Photo credit to Vista Staff

Woodgrove will hold its third annual Homecoming on the weekend of October 26th. This year, the student body voted “Decades” as the overall theme, with each class representing a specific time period. The freshman class chose the 2000’s, the sophomore class picked the 80’s, the junior class has the 70’s, and the senior class selected the 90’s.

Homecoming week kicks off on October 16 with the powder-puff game at 6 p.m. and a bonfire afterwards. The powder-puff game sets the senior girls against the junior girls, while boys from both grades are on the sidelines leading cheers. Other activities include stairwell decorating, which occurs on Friday, October 18. All halls will be judged Monday morning with spirit points going to the class who did the best job.

“I am excited to compete and win the spirit plate. I am indifferent about the spirit activities, some are awesome though,” said senior Sarah Vasile.

Homecoming week will continue with different spirit days that bolster excitement about the school and the dance. Students can choose to dress up according to each spirit day. Monday is Decades Day, where each grade will dress up like their assigned decade. Tuesday is Wacky-Tacky Day, Wednesday is Dress Like A Celebrity Day, Thursday is Twin Day, and Friday is PJ Day.
On Friday October 25, at the end of the day, there will be a pep rally to get everyone pumped for that night’s Homecoming game. Woodgrove will oppose Dominion, and during halftime, the king and queen will be crowned. The next night, the dance will be hosted at the school from eight p.m. to eleven p.m.

“I didn’t go last year, and I wish I did. I hope it will be a lot of fun. I heard it was fun last year, so I hope it lives up to my expectations,” said junior Chesney Reid.

As the first graduating class to attend all four years, this group of seniors will be the first class to attend every Homecoming at Woodgrove. It is a bittersweet occasion. Many are excited about going, and a bit sad that this will be their last Homecoming as students at the school.

“I have a date for the dance, so I will definitely be going,” said senior Abby Bryant

“I want to dance with my girlfriends, so of course I am going,” said senior Jordan Rumke.

“I have a date for once, so I want to go to Homecoming,” said senior Ben Appleton.

For freshmen, this will be their first year at a high school dance, which will be a new experience for many.

“I am excited to go to the dance and get all the babes,” said freshman Tyler Raney.

“I am going to Homecoming to have fun, and since it’s freshman year, I don’t want to miss it. I am prepared; I have a dress and everything,” said freshman Willow Hughes.

While most students attend the events, there are a few who don’t enjoy the dance. Some don’t like it because of the dancing, the music, or just the whole idea of dressing up does not interest them. Others have activities that they consider to be more important.

“I think Homecoming is a waste of time. It was basically a mass nucleus of grinding, and once you go in, you never come out,” said sophomore James Vasile.

“I am not going this year because my boyfriend, who is in the Marines, is going to be home, and I would rather spend that time with him,” said senior Brooke Winsor.