Midterms Officially Cancelled

By Sierra McLaughlin.

Loudoun County Public School officials have cancelled midterms following a massive snowstorm last week which devastated the county. But, a protocol has been put into place which will allow teachers to give the exams to willing students.

Sarah Ellis, a senior, couldn’t be happier about the news. “I couldn’t believe it”, she said, “I’m happy I don’t have to take an exam at all my last year.”

This came as a shock to many Loudoun County students and parents. As most students jumped for joy after hearing this announcement, parents living in more urbanized areas of the county complained that the cancellation was pointless. This is because these places were not as affected by the weather.

Dangerous road conditions were a main concern, especially back roads in rural areas which are some of the last to be cleared of snow. They also are very prone to ice as the parts of the snow melt and refreeze over time.

Many were also disappointed that the amount of studying they did had seemingly gone to waste. But, starting on January 28th, students will have the option to take their tests. This is extremely beneficial for those who still wish to improve their grades and believe this is their last chance.