Winter Blues


photo by Scott Klimek

Over the past two school years, Loudoun County school officials have been forced to close schools a total of 20 times due to snow, ice, and severe cold temperatures. With the amount of days off, students often get bored. A recent Outlander poll determined the most popular snow day activities.

Coming in at first were outdoor activities such as sledding, skiing, snowboarding, etc. 31% of the students chose this as what they do on snow days. Junior Bambi Dodge loves doing outdoor activities with her friends. “Going outside and sledding with your friends is a lot of fun,” said Dodge. “It also relieves a lot of stress from school.”

Watching Neflix was the second highest voted activity that Woodgrove students chose. 23% of the voters chose watching Netflix as their favorite thing to do during snow days. Netflix has been growing fast in popularity amongst teenagers in high school. Junior Sarah Root says Netflix is great for entertainment. “Netflix has so many movies and TV shows that you can watch on demand for free,” said Root.

Working and earning money on snow days is a very good way to stay productive on the days off and 13% of Woodgrove students chose this as their favorite activity. Students such as Jimmy Vogt chose this as their favorite activity to take advantage of the snow and make some money. “I take advantage of my days off by working hard and earning money,” said Vogt. “I shovel driveways and sidewalks for my neighbors.”

12% of the voters said that playing video games is a classic way to spend a snow day on. Students like junior Colin Forsyth believe that playing video games is a solid way to make time fly by. “I like to play video games when I’m bored,” said Forsyth. “It makes time go by faster.”

Cooking was also a popular selection amongst Woodgrove students. 10% of the voters include junior Brett Peterson who says that cooking is fun and is an active way to stay busy when people are bored. “It’s a great way to be active,” said Peterson. “Plus you get to eat the food in the end.”

The last 10% of the voters sleep when they have extra school days off. Sophomore Hannah Smith believes that sleeping for a long time is healthy for the usual stressed teenager. “A lot of kids are stressed out at school and sleeping is the best way to relieve that stress,” said Smith.

There are still many more activities that students can do other than sleep, cook, and work during the snow days. But as we jump into our snowiest month of the year, February, students are going to need to find a way to stay active and busy.