Woodgrove Hosts Third Annual Dodgeball Tournament


The Investigators won the third annual Woodgrove SCA dodgeball tournament for their third straight year by taking down the Dodge Fathers. The SCA raised $1,287 for Habitat for Humanity from this charity event.

Senior player from the Investigators, Davie Wick, said, “We were a little nervous, especially in the middle of the game when they (Dodge Fathers) were up on us. We made a few big plays and ended up coming back with the win.”

The senior Investigators team was able to secure their championship by beating the Dodge Fathers for their third and last dodgeball tournament at Woodgrove.

Wick said, “It felt great to complete my dodge ball dynasty.”

The runners up felt that even though they did lose, they performed very well in this dodgeball tournament.

Junior coach of the Dodge Fathers, Nick Saris said, “We performed and executed what we had planned to do in the tournament. Unfortunately, we couldn’t pull out the final dive against the Investigators. Great team, great kids and I am glad we had a great time.”

With the absence of the Investigators, the Dodge Fathers feel that they will be able to secure the championship next year.

Saris said, “I do feel that with our third year, we would beat the seniors if they were still here.”

In the dodgeball tournament there was also a team named in the honor of John Grady, a former Woodgrove student who moved to Germany before his junior year. The ‘RIP John Grady’ team were able to hear their friend when he was called during the tournament.

Junior Wesley Hoffer, player of the RIP John Grady team said, “I was ecstatic because usually with the time difference I don’t get to talk to him in person that much. I usually just text him, so it was good to hear his voice and hear the classic, ‘Sup boys.’ It was uplifting.”

The dodgeball tournament also included an exhibition match with the Athlete to Athlete Club; a club devoted to help special needs kids feel comfortable playing sports. The match was played against the champions, the Investigators, with the Athlete to Athlete club winning.

Senior Jameson Copeland of the Investigators and treasurer of Athlete to Athlete said his favorite part of the tournament was the exhibition game with the club. “I thought it was a great way for us to get our club name out there for people to see,” said Copeland.