SCA Sells Spirit Links

SCA Sells Spirit Links

Woodgrove High School’s SCA recently held a spirit link sale that benefitted Project Linus, a charity that gives blankets to impoverished children. The Woodgrove SCA raised $161 for this charity, which equates to six to eight blankets. The SCA had hoped to raise around $1500, but they reached only around a tenth of their goal, due to the bad weather.

With an influx of snow days, the SCA was unable to show a promotional video or release other promotional advertisements, which led to low participation.

SCA Member junior Ryan Thomas said, “The snow days kind of screwed up our sales, causing us to push back sales because we didn’t have enough school time to launch all of the advertising and promotion.”

Sophomore Rozlan Basha said, “Well, I honestly feel like the spirit links could’ve done better, and I wish more people had seen the reason behind us selling the spirit links. I think the way we pulled together and got the links sold (despite the snow days) was still really nice.”

This spirit link sale was also used as a competition between the classes for spirit plate points. The standings ended with the juniors earning the most spirit plate points. They were followed by the sophomores, freshmen, and seniors respectively.