Athlete to Athlete Hosts Soccer Event For Special Needs Kids


The Athlete to Athlete club hosted a soccer event to reach out to special needs kids on April 25th.


The soccer event has been going on for three years. In previous years the event has not taken much planning, but this year the club publicized the event more.


Senior Davie Wick, president of the Athlete to Athlete club, said, “We made a lot of flyers and sent out a lot of emails. We did a really good job publicizing it this time.”


Volunteers come in to help interact with the kids and take care of the order of events.


Senior Jameson Copeland, treasurer of the Athlete to Athlete club, helped set up the event. His favorite part was spending time with Max, a special needs athlete from Mountain View.


The day consisted of stretching, shooting, and then a game at the end of the event. Senior Olivia Miller’s enjoyed stretching with the special needs kids


Miller said, “You really get a group feel for everyone. It is nice to know that everyone can sit together and work together.”


English teacher, Maria Mrozowski’s, favorite part of the event was watching Woodgrove students lead the whole event and seeing the interaction between the students.


Mrozowski said, “It makes me really proud and happy to see teenagers doing something for people with needs.”