Latin American Studies Class Travels to Puerto Rico

Latin American Studies Class Travels to Puerto Rico

This past spring break, seniors from Mrs. Spicer’s Dual Enrollment Latin American studies class traveled to Puerto Rico to immerse themselves in the culture they have been learning about all year. The group spent time in old San Juan, took cooking and dancing classes, snorkeled off the coast of the island, and went to a coffee plantation.

“I thought it would be a fun and educational trip, but I didn’t expect it to be as much fun as it was. I had been planning to go to Costa Rica for the trip next year, but this year’s was so great that I want to go back next year,” said Spicer.

The group visited 5 star beaches, a rainforest, and enjoyed the culture and history of Puerto Rico.

“You can learn all about the people and the culture in the classroom, but you can’t experience the atmosphere. Everyone from Puerto Rico was extremely kind and willing to help. Not only that, but Puerto Ricans always find a reason to party,” said senior Sierra Raney, who went on the trip.

“I had already studied a lot of the history of Puerto Rico in class, so getting to know the culture and the people was the most rewarding because you can’t really study that. My favorite part was visiting Old San Juan because of how much history there was,” said senior Logan Czarnecki about his experience.

“We got to see Ponce De Leon’s house and tomb, an old fortress, and an old cathedral. It was amazing not only to see the old, but to see the new within the old,” said Raney.

In addition to visiting art galleries and touring historical Old San Juan, the group was able to spend time relaxing and soaking up the tropical sun on beautiful beaches.

“I loved everything about the trip, but my favorite experience was snorkeling. We got to hold starfish, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins. It was really neat,” said Raney.

The trip had an equal balance of education and fun, reinforcing concepts taught in the classroom.

“In class we learned a bunch of facts about Puerto Rico’s economy, history, and culture, but it was great to see that there is an entire culture and country behind those facts,” said Czarnecki.

This was the first school trip for the Latin American Studies course at Woodgrove. Mrs. Spicer plans to take another group back to Puerto Rico during spring break of the coming school year.

“I absolutely recommend this trip, or one similar to anyone. You not only get to travel and create experiences, but you get to do it with your friends and peers. It’s a trip that I’ll never forget,” said Raney.