Homecoming Festivities Begin with Woodgrove’s Fifth Annual Fashion Show


Written by Brady Reynolds and Sarah Snare

The Woodgrove SCA hosted the fifth annual Homecoming Fashion Show on Thursday, October 8, 2015. For just one dollar, students were able to leave FLEX and attend the spectacle in the auditorium. As the audience filed in, the “Schutte Buddies,” a band comprised of seniors Wyatt Ellerbeck, Aidan Bruecken, and Dillon Douglasson, opened the show with various rock songs. The curtain then parted to reveal the host of the event, Junior Jacob Stephens.

After the reveal of the spirit days, the “Schutte Buddies” came back out to play in between sections. A few minutes went by and the curtains opened again. Stephens introduced Woodgrove’s Charity of the Year for 2015: The Joe Cassella Foundation. The Joe Cassella Foundation is an organization that raises money to help pay for the medical bills of sick and injured children. Their biggest fundraiser occurs every May; it is a 5k race through the streets of Great Falls, Virginia.

Stephens finished off the spectacle by calling all the court members back up on stage. His co-host, sophomore Shelby Jones, singled out freshman court member Cameron Beebe and asked him to eat the entire rotisserie chicken that he had been given earlier in the show. Three minutes later, the lights came back on and the “Schutte Buddies” played as the audience filed out, just like they had at the beginning of the show. SCA co-sponsor Jeff Schutte believes that this was the best fashion show Woodgrove has had yet. “I’d give us a solid 96%.”


Monday– Pajama Day

Tuesday– Tourist Day

Wednesday– Well-Dressed Day

Thursday– Costume Day

Friday– Stairwell Day, students from each class representing various cities around the globes.


Freshmen Homecoming Court:

Sasha Kourkina escorted by Spencer Halveland

Mary Castaneda escorted by Cameron Beebe

Sophomore Homecoming Court:

Janae Lathon-Gordon escorted by Nico Amman

Sierra Woodward escorted by Sam Upton

Junior Homecoming Court:

Kasey Fairbanks escorted by Rozlan Basha

Camryn Fagan escorted by Collin Shipp

Senior Homecoming Court:

Brooke Love escorted by Aidan Bergel

Morgan Minniti escorted by Wesley Hoffer

Anne Williams escorted by James Vasile

Mallory Jungles escorted by Ryan Thomas

Ami Cook and Carissa Delitta escorted by Jack Klimek