Woodgrove Alumni Wins $25,000


2015 Woodgrove alumni, Grace Hayba, won $25,000 to go towards her college tuition on a recent episode of the ‘Ellen’ show.

Hayba, a member of the studio audience, was one of three college students picked at random to compete in the “Know or Go” competition. It was a “complete surprise,” according to Hayba.

Hayba is a freshman studying broadcast journalism at Penn State University. Being on ‘Ellen’ helped her see how the industry works and has encouraged her to work even harder to achieve her goal.

“Having the chance to experience the career for a day was unbelievable and makes me want to work even harder to make sure my goals become a reality,” said Hayba.

She, along with two other ‘Ellen’ audience members, competed on the segment of the show where they were required to answer questions. If contestants got the questions right, they would move on, if not, Ellen would hit a button that would cause the floor to fall out from under them.

Both of the other college girls answered a question incorrectly and were dropped from the platform. Hayba was the last contestant standing and was awarded $25,000, after also being dropped from the platform. The other two contestants won $10,000 each. The awards were designated to pay part of the contestants’ college tuition, and Hayba feels that it was a blessing.

“I couldn’t believe I was on ‘Ellen’, let alone talking to her, and on top of it all, winning $25,000! It was all such a blessing,” said Hayba.