CAMPUS Graduation


Written by Caitleen Copeland and Diana Tinta

Woodgrove seniors participating in the CAMPUS program graduated May 17th, at the Loudoun County Administrative Building.


The CAMPUS program prepares high school students for college and their futures. Every school in Loudoun County has one with a CAMPUS adviser and for seniors the program hosts a small graduation where participants receive their stools and certificates of participation.


As a guest speaker Jason Belser, who played for the NFL for 11 years and is now an executive of the National Football League Players Association, encouraged CAMPUS students to “dream big” and gave advice on how to do well in college.


LCPS Superintendent Dr. Eric Williams talked about making plans and following your dreams while talking about his own family story. Williams said his father was a dreamer and a planner who grew up in a family of 14 in the West Virginia coal country. With the example of his father and his encouragement, Williams learned the importance of education and spread this knowledge to the CAMPUS students.


Daniel S. Morrow also spoke on behalf of the Loudoun Laurels Scholarship offered to CAMPUS and AVID students. AVID is another program similar to CAMPUS that prepares students for the future. The Loudoun Laurels Scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship renewable for four years for students whose teachers believe will have the greatest success in college. Morrow said that there were 14 finalists with nine of them being CAMPUS students, however he did not name the recipients of the scholarship.


At the end of the graduation there was a PowerPoint of the 85 seniors that participated in the graduation announcing what colleges they were attending and their personal quotes.