Eighth Annual Partners Club Ball Held

Written by Dominique Cruz

The Partners Club at Woodgrove, along with other high schools in the county, hosted the eighth annual Partners Club Ball at Loudoun Valley High School on Friday, March 3.  The dance allows special education and general education students to come together and interact in a welcoming environment.

The ball, founded by Woodgrove teacher Mrs. Barb Kabernagel and LVHS teacher Cynthia Clark, first started at Loudoun Valley High School with only three schools attending. Since then, every high school in the county has been included.

The ball isn’t restricted to high school students only. Home-schooled students and members of local group homes attend as well. The ball provides a safe environment where parents can comfortably drop off their kids and have the night to themselves.

“Before, parents would first come and not leave their kids, but now they come and have the opportunity to go out to dinner and have the night to themselves,” said Kabernegal.

Before the big night, the club members held a rehearsal in which they played a preview of songs and practiced for the dance. A few of the songs the DJ played included Cupid’s Shuffle, Y.M.C.A, and 24k Magic.

“The dance was a blast, and it was really cool seeing people from all over the county come together to enjoy a night to remember,” said sophomore Hope Davison, a Partners Club member.

Throughout the year, the club holds activities such as carving pumpkins, bowling, and having a field day.

“Every time we meet for the club everyone has a huge smile on their face the whole time we’re together,” said a freshman member of the Partners Club, Khadija ElBouchti.

The Partners Club provides an opportunity to make new friends and come together as a school to spread kindness. If you are interested in joining, contact Mrs.Kabernegal in room L511.