Team “SnapChat Hates Us” Wins Annual Dodgeball Tournament Again


Photo by Lorallye Partlow

Written by Hope Davison and Keagan Lanham

Two-time dodgeball champions, team “Snapchat Hates Us” wins again at Woodgrove’s sixth annual dodgeball game on February, 24, 2017. Over $1,595.35 was raised during the tournament and donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The tournament was fast paced, with multiple games going on at once, and dodgeballs flying left and right. Games were held concurrently in both the auxiliary gym and the main gym.

The final four teams consisted of teams D&D, Mike’s Crew, Janitor Throws, and Snapchat Hates Us.  After an intense game against team Janitor Throws, Snapchat Hates Us was triumphant.

“When we won the championship game, there were no words to describe it. It was a team effort,” said senior Tyler Raney, the captain of team Snapchat Hates Us.

This year’s lineup had a whopping 21 teams. Sam Payne played in last year’s game as a freshman, and said, “Last year, I saved my entire team from defeat. I was on the Sloppy Joes. I played my former team in the first round this year. They are now the Hungry Hippos, and the Sloppy Joes are no more.”

With his new team, Payne believed he was able to defeat his former team after they were divided and went their separate ways. Team CFA met their expectations in round 6 in the main gym, but did not win the tournament.

Admission was $1 and all proceeds went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  St.  Jude’s Senior Regional Development Representative Monique Perry attended the competition.

Perry said, “Every dollar makes a difference. Our founder, Danny Thomas, always said he would rather receive one dollar from a million people than one million dollars from one person.”