Published Author Comes to Woodgrove to Talk to AP Students


Written by Hannah Schneeberg

Author Nina Lacour spoke to Ms. Harar’s eleventh grade AP Language and composition classes on March 10th. Having published four successful novels, Lacour came to Woodgrove High School to speak to young writers in an informal setting. During her visit, students had time to ask questions such as, “how old were you when you first realized you wanted to become a writer,” or “what’s your writing process like?”

“I used to do this at the other school where I worked and I think it’s a great experience for the kids. A lot of the time students read books, but they don’t think about all the little things that go into writing the,” says Ms. Harar. “It’s so beneficial because it also helps students to see authors as regular people. It shows them that they’re capable of writing too.”

Lacour was able to encourage students to get creative and follow their dreams while also telling them how it was possible to succeed as a writer. She has been making characters and writing stories all her life, so she told students if they have the desire to write they just need to push themselves.

When asked about her motivation to write her bestselling novel “Hold Still” she said, “when I was in ninth grade I lost a classmate to suicide, and I lost a previous teacher of mine to that as well. It got me thinking about suicide,” said Lacour.

“My other inspiration was that I was very inseparable with my best friend. To the point where we were worried about being alone,” Lacour told the room full of teenagers, “so that’s the reason why I made “Hold Still” about losing a friend.”