Woodgrove Hosts Fifth Annual Rock-a-Thon


Written by Puneet Kaur

A cozy environment took over the usually crowded main hallway at Woodgrove High School on March 9th. There were rocking chairs, treats served on hot plates, and most importantly students and faculty taking time out of their busy days to read. It was the annual Rock-a-Thon hosted by the Woodgrove Library to encourage students to read.

Students got permission from their teachers to have an opportunity to read during class periods for 45-minute blocks while enjoying homemade treats provided by librarians Mrs.  O’Connor, Mrs. Hawthorne, and Mr. Kane. O’Connor, Hawthorne, and Kane strategically placed rocking chairs in the middle of the front foyer to provide a welcoming environment, inviting avid readers as well students and faculty who just wanted a break.

Mrs. Hawthorne said that having the ability to read with her co-workers, resource teacher Ms. Creamer and guidance counselor Ms. Willemsma was “very exciting because they were peaceful in this atmosphere. They got to take a little time out of their busy lives and just enjoy reading.”  With huge success and over 60 participants, the library is hosting another Rock-a-Thon on Friday, May 19, where they encourage all students and faculty to participate. This will be held after AP and SOL testing and before seniors head out for projects. Their main objective is to create a relaxing atmosphere for the whole school to enjoy.