Woodgrove SCA Ends School Year with Flurry of Activities


The Student Council Association has had a busy school year, and they show no signs of slowing down. The SCA just finished helping the Global Ambassadors Club with the foreign exchange program, held multiple fundraisers for St. Jude’s Hospital, and they are currently in the midst of election season.

The SCA works to connect the WHS student body and administration to serve as one voice. Each year the students and staff donate money to a cause they think is important, and this year all the money raised from fundraisers went to St. Jude’s Cancer Research Hospital.

SCA Advisor Mr. Jeff Schutte said, “There is no better feeling than when we actually turn over the money we have collected.  We know that no other student body would care as much as Woodgrove does.”

The money that Woodgrove gave to St. Jude came from the annual dodgeball tournament and the annual senior/faculty basketball and volleyball games.

In addition to fundraising, the SCA plans all Homecoming events, runs student pep-rallies, and helps with numerous other programs and projects at WHS.

When preparing for an event, the SCA plans out everything months in advanced so nothing major will go wrong.  With a school this large and only a certain amount of time to fit everything in, there is still  no guarantee that everything will be smooth-sailing.

Senior class and SCA President Rozlan Basha said, “It’s very stressful to try to prepare for big school-wide events and fundraisers. There’s a lot of moving parts, and there’s a lot of room for things to go wrong, especially when you’re on a tight time budget.”

The SCA consists of five committees: administration, budget, communications, community services and student activities. The executive board of the SCA has its own class and leads a committee.

Freshman Maryam Khan, who is a part of the administration committee said, “SCA has helped me communicate with people much better, and I have learned how to work not only side by side with students but also with the faculty.”

The SCA is currently holding class council elections for the freshman, sophomore, and junior class.  Campaigning will start the week of April 17-24.    Elections will be held during Den-time on April 24.  Results will be announced on April 26.

Freshman Kyle Caylor, who is running for Vice President of the sophomore class next year said, “Being a part of class council would give me a chance to give people without a voice a chance to be heard and listened too without them having to run themselves.”