Woodgrove Welcomes New Announcement Crew

Written by Dominique Cruz and Hope Davison

The morning announcements opens the doors to a new crew as Rozlan Basha and Harrison Furlow graduate this year. Starting next school year, announcers will kick off our mornings with upcoming events and signature phrases.

Students interested in being on the morning announcements were advised to fill out an application with simple questions, one asking applicants to come up with a signature catch phrase for the morning broadcast. Sixteen forms were submitted and auditions began on Wednesday, May 17th and concluded the last week of school.

This year was Woodgrove’s first year of doing full time video announcements, which were filmed in the gymnasium. According to Jeff Schutte, the broadcast will be held in the TV studio at Woodgrove which is located in a technology education room, because of the inconvenience of having to set up equipment everyday at the gym.

Along with the location change, plans are in place to have a crew of four to five announcers, instead of only two. This new style will hopefully create a more lively broadcast, catching the attention of students and teachers.

“I’m looking forward to bright, positive, upbeat, energetic people in the morning to get the students interested and informed” said Schutte.

Previous announcers Harrison Furlow and Roslan Basha greeted students every morning on the announcements. The duo quickly became the face of Woodgrove. An obvious friendship was formed as the pair was working together each morning.

“My favorite thing about doing the announcements was that despite the constant order in which the show was ran, there was always something different or exciting that Rozlan and I were able to share every day.That spontaneity was great,” said Harrison Furlow.