Student Trips: Woodgrove Faculty Offers Worldwide Trips


Students visit Buckingham Palace in London, England. Photo by Ms. Natasha Shildneck

Written by Myla Baouna and Chris Tuttle

Woodgrove faculty offers a variety of trips ranging from immersive experiences to week long tours.
This past spring, Woodgrove High School and Loudoun Valley High School French students traveled to Morteau, France to live with host families for eight days. The students traveled by plane, train,bus, and boat, and even got stuck in Iceland for two days during a storm. The trip was organized by the Euro-American Student Alliance.
This summer’s trip to England and Scotland lasted nine days and was attended by 13 Woodgrove students. Led by teachers Richard Balas and Natasha Shildneck, students toured the British Isles, visited historical sites such as Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, Shakespeare’s house and Stonehenge in England, and viewed a London performance of ‘Wicked’.

School Trips 2017-2018

Poland: Fall 2017
Global Ambassadors students headed to Poland in mid October. The students were in a foreign exchange program for about a week and were able to interact with Polish students and engage in cultural discussions and share information about important people in both countries. In addition, students from Woodgrove learned what life is like for students in Poland through complete immersion with Polish culture. Students visited World War II historical landmarks such as the infamous death camp Auschwitz where more than one million people were killed during the war, as well as Joseph Schindler’s factory, made famous by the movie “Schindler’s List”. Students also toured the old town of Cracow dating back to the 10th century, a coal mine, and attended a concert with the National Orchestra of Polish Radio. Chaperone In Sim, who was the lead chaperone of the trip, stresses that an exchange program fosters compassion among students of different nationalities and enlightens them for life.

Italy: Spring 2018

In Spring 2018, the Latin Club will be travelling to various locations in Italy such as the Pantheon, Pompeii, and the Forum and Colosseum in Rome, which are studied in their Latin classes The trip will last seven days from March 24-31. “These are places of importance to Western civilization and some of the coolest places to visit,” said Mr. Dyke, the lead chaperone of the trip. If you have any questions, please email Mr. Dyke at [email protected]

Germany: Spring 2018

German IV, V, and AP students will be able to participate in a nine day immersion program through EF Tours this upcoming April 2018, arranged by Frau Hall. This trip will expose students to German language and culture, similar to the one offered in the spring of 2017 to Munich, Germany. Questions can be directed to Frau Hall at [email protected]

Greece: Summer 2018

During Summer Break 2018, a trip to Greece will be held starting on July 25 and will last a total of ten days. Students will spend the first seven days on the mainland of Greece and will be touring many ancient historical sites such as Delphi, Mount Olympus, and Athens. The next three days, students will tour the Greek islands of Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete by cruise. Mr. Noland, the lead chaperone of the trip to Greece believes that students will benefit from the trip as they interact with people from other countries. “It gives life to what you learn,” said Mr. Noland.
Registration for the trip to Greece ends in late October. If you have any questions regarding the trip, please email Mr. Noland at [email protected] or Ms. Sim at [email protected]