Where to Get Your WILD Wardrobe


Photo by Paul McCloskey

Blue out themed student section at Broad Run High School away game.

Written by Hope Davison, Lauren Sheehan, Anna Lockhart, and Cora McQuaid

The WILD is buzzing with students of all grade levels awaiting kick off. Whether the theme be “Pink-out”, USA theme, or Woodgrove’s very own WILD theme, students get decked out for the game. It’s understandable that picking out your WILD outfit may be stressful, here are some tips to help you look your best at the game.

First step, confirm the weekly WILD theme by checking the Woodgrove social media or by listening to the morning announcements on game day. Once you know the theme, start brainstorming outfit ideas. In order to make the best out of your WILD experience, gather a group of friends to coordinate outfits.

Next comes choosing your outfit. Although it is best to use something you already have in your closet, sometimes the clothes you have won’t correlate with the theme. If you have to purchase an item for your outfit, thrift stores like Blue Ridge Hospice or Re-Love It in Purcellville may be a great option. For themes like Hawaiian and jersey night, it is easy to find used items at low prices. Traditional party and craft stores are a good option if you are looking for solid color or holiday themes. “Luau has been pretty popular within the last two years. Solid color themes are also popular, the main ones are blackout, whiteout, and neon,” says Erick Reyes, General Manager of Party City in Leesburg.

Photo by Cameron Prymak
Junior Kensley Reilly in a USA themed student section.

If you aren’t able to put together an entire outfit for the game, accessories can go a long way. A simple solid colored bandana or flashy sunglasses can bring an entire look together. Body paint is also an excellent way to compliment the theme. Having good energy in the WILD not only affects the crowd, but the players on the field as well.

Senior tight end Nick Lockhart explains, “It’s a more fun atmosphere to play in when we have a big student section and everyone’s cheering. Also, it helps to know we’re not only playing for ourselves but for our school, too.”

Although football players don’t get to experience the WILD like their peers, they still have favorite themes. “My favorite theme is USA because I love looking up at the stands seeing everyone in red, white, and blue,” says Lockhart.

Seniors typically make the most of the WILD since it is there last year with their high school peers. Senior Victoria Thompson says “Being able to cheer on the team and go crazy with everybody is what I will miss most after I graduate.”

Whatever the theme may be, Friday night football brings the whole Woodgrove community together. The student section becomes electric with anticipation. Students stand together, cheering on their peers and people from far and wide can hear the cry of the WILD, “We are Woodgrove.”