Hallo! Bonjour! Hola! Salve!

Tucked in the L200 hall, the Woodgrove Language Department can be found immersed in a multitude of cultures.

Frau Hall is not only one of the German teachers here at Woodgrove, but also the department chair for the Foreign Language department. Hall’s introduction to the language came from her grandmother. “She actually came over here at the end of the war, and she was married to an American officer,” she says. Hall also loves incorporating culture into her classes by taking her classes on trips to Europe. “I’ve done six trips with students. To watch them experience things they’ve seen in a book or seen online, that is really great for keeping them in touch with the culture.” Hall can be found in her colorful room filled with German culture in L206.

Mr. Martin Fameni is Woodgrove High School’s French teacher. Fameni’s passion for teaching began when he was a student helping other kids in his Cameroon neighborhood with their schoolwork using charcoal on the door of an abandoned house. “As a student, I noticed some of my teachers were helpful, but many were not. So, I thought ‘I have to help people, I need to do this.’” French is the official language of Cameroon, where Fameni is originally from, and he loves to incorporate the culture of the language in his day to day class. Fameni is confident that all students who enter L207 will have fun and leave with something.

Growing up in Lima, Peru, Woodgrove’s Spanish teacher Ms. Begona Fernandez originally studied to teach English, but ended up teaching Spanish as a second language to foreigners. In response to being asked what makes her feel connected to the culture of the language, she says, “Well, it is mine, it’s who I am. Spanish is my first language. I’m connected because that’s my culture.” Fernandez can be found in room L209.

Dr. Benjamin Dyke, Woodgrove’s Latin teacher, initially did not take any languages in high school, and he considers it a mistake. “It still baffles my mind that I didn’t have any counselors or teachers saying, ‘Hey, you should take Spanish, you should take German,’ as those were options.” When Dyke reached college, he was required to take a language, so he chose Latin and loved it. Dyke’s classroom can be found at L202, next to the Senior stairwell. 

Ms. Cheri Martinez is the American Sign Language teacher at Woodgrove High School. Martinez grew up with a Deaf sister and brother, which sprouted her introduction to sign and Deaf culture. Martinez also explains the importance of “knowing that they could walk into a place in the community and possibly have service just like everyone else because someone knows their language.” Martinez truly has the quietest classroom. Martinez can be found deeply immersed in Deaf culture in her classroom L204!

Swing by the L200 hall, for an immersive experience travelling to multiple different countries. Au Revoir! Adios! Auf Wiedersehen! Vale!