Parking Lot Woes

Woodgrove’s parking lot is gaining a hazardous reputation due to recent accidents and its tight fit. Up to eight crashes have been reported since the beginning of the school year according to Woodgrove resource officer Deputy Merchant. There are two student parking lots in front of the school, one for seniors and the other for juniors. There is also a gravel parking lot by the football field  specifically for sophomores and those who do not have a parking permit.

These parking lots are the source of much conflict. “I feel like it’s not a senior lot anymore. Half of it is juniors,” claims Senior Jaden Boring. Senior Bea Maulfair thinks in order to keep the lots more civilized, the school must “enforce that sophomores cannot park in either the junior or senior lots.” Problems tend to escalate mid year when the majority of the sophomore class gets drivers licenses. 

The parking lots are often busy, whether its kids running around in packs or drivers racing to find a spot. This leads to occasional accidents. For example,  Maulfair admits, “I hit a teacher’s car on her first day of work.” When asking Junior Morgan Carreiro his thoughts on parking lot safety, he reported, “People don’t really check their surroundings before they start driving.” 

The scenic campus of Woodgrove High School. Photo provided by Jeff Schutte.
A bent guard rail from an accident right outside the Junior Lot. Photo provided by John Hays.