Paxton Manor Serves Community by Day and Frightens by Night

Paxton Manor in Leesburg is known for many different things.  During the week it is a school for autistic children where students aged 5 to 22 are taught in one building, while pre-schoolers are educated in the old Manor House.  During Halloween season, however, the entire campus is transformed into a horrifying home for the dead during their annual “Fright Night” celebration.

The story from Paxton Manor goes all the way back to the 19th century, when Mrs. Scarlet was the owner of the home.  She was known around Leesburg as a very mysterious woman, and few knew what happened inside the home.  Beneath Paxton Manor is a series of caverns and an underground lake, which forms a perfect location for a haunted house during the Halloween season.

Visitors to the haunted house arrive to find that the school has been transformed into a “hotel” that happens to have just enough vacancy for you and your group.  After receiving the agenda for your stay (“Breakfast at 8, Dinner at 9, and Silence Forever”), the tour begins with an elevator ride to the 13th floor.  After the elevator shakes, bumps, and rattles visitors to the top, each group is left all alone.  The adventure continues through over 35 rooms filled with ghosts and dead people of all shapes and sizes.  There are skinny stairs, big stairs, and sometimes, no stairs at all which seem to lead to one’s demise.

Paxton Manor’s campus is filled with fun, screams, and even laughter during the Halloween season.  In addition to the haunted house, other attractions on campus include a house filled with clowns, and a tour of the haunted caverns and basement.  If you miss the haunt this year, make sure to remember to buy tickets next season.  Tickets for all three of the attractions on Paxton campus can be bought at