Destiny: The Dark Below

Destiny: The Dark Below

After Bungie released its first DLC expansion, The Dark Below, gamers have had the chance to extend their satisfaction to a whole new level. The DLC includes three new campaign missions, new crucible maps, a new strike, new weapons and armor, Crota’s End raid, and a raised light level to 32. For those of you who refuse to buy The Dark Below, it is strongly recommended that you do if you want to keep up with the Destiny world.

You may argue that the new expansion is not worth $20, but with so much new gear and weapons to look forward to, the grind is truly addicting. First and foremost, The Dark Below introduces a new character, Eris, who guides you throughout the new campaign missions and the new strike. Once you complete the new campaign missions, which are average at best, Eris will hand you a legendary fusion rifle, Murmur, which has a dual solar-arc setting and a max damage of 331 attack. This is beyond useful during the new strike, which involves wizards with both solar and arc shields. But if you plan to use it, start building your Eris Bourn reputation early and hit rank four so you can buy the ruined core, an item needed to fully upgrade the Murmur. In addition, you can purchase new emblems and shaders, not to mention radiant shards and radiant energy required for Crota’s End raid gear. Eris hands out daily bounties, so be sure to pick those up if you are in the tower.

The main strike in the Dark Below expansion is The Will of Crota and was more difficult than the previous strikes. In the strikes before the expansion you could literally just skip all of the encounters and go straight to the boss, but with this strike it forces you to go through several encounters, which probably makes it more like how Bungie intended the strikes to be played. The Will of Crota’s boss is an overpowered wizard named Omnigul, who, unlike the other strike bosses, has an arc shield and takes at least ten minutes to kill. Overall this was a well-designed strike with many similar strike mechanics but felt new because the combat was mostly in close quarters.

Next is the most highly anticipated raid. When clicking on the raid icon Crota’s End on the Moon, you are sent down to the entrance to the Hellmouth (a hive breeding ground seen in Destiny’s story previously). A fireteam of guardians (6 is recommended) must stand on the circular plate, which forms a bridge leading into the pit. It might seem scary at first, but the whole fireteam must jump down into a colossal pit of the darkest proportions. No worries guardians; the darkness won’t kill you, yet. Guardians will survive the jump, and they’re now faced with an ominous darkness with fluorescent lamps that seem to be your only hint of hope to surviving. Thrall swarm guardians in packs while they try to go from lamp to lamp ridding themselves of the darkness that claws at them. At the end of the lamps you’ll come across another circular plate; guardians must summon another bridge here while fending off thrall, knights, and ogres. Guardians cross the bridge at the end, and are then transported to another world, Crota’s world. You are now faced with crossing a bridge of epic proportions; yet again, guardians must hold down sync plates to summon the bridge while fending off hive and powerful knights called swordbearers. Eventually guardians will all be on the other side of the abyss, and they must kill two ogres. To get to the next checkpoint guardians have to traverse a narrow hall with hive. Now, you must face Crota, the son of Oryx. Killing Crota will be hard, but a sufficient fireteam will overcome him with no problem.

For the first checkpoint I recommend using either a really over-powered hand cannon like the Fatebringer or a high-impact auto rifle. If you’re lucky (like me), use the Vex Mythoclast during this part. For the Traverse the Abyss checkpoint, again, I would recommend using either a hand cannon or a scout rifle if you are in the two-man squad on a plate taking out the swordbearers. For any other part, I would recommend using an auto or scout rifle for the thrall that come at you. Once you’re on the other side of the bridge, your special weapon should be a fusion rifle to take out the solar shields on the wizards. For the ogres use a sniper rifle to deal the most damage to them, because of their large critical spot. Now, my dear guardian, you’ll be facing the most over powered bullet- sponge in the history of gaming (excluding Dark Souls 2, of course). You’ll have limited time to deal damage to Crota once you take down his shield, so make sure you have a hunter with bladedancer equipped that holds the sword (hunters can go invisible with this perk). Two guardians with Icebreakers should be taking out knights/boomers on the elevated platforms at the left and right corners of the map. Be careful, though, after you take out two swordbearers two ogres will spawn. Go to the chamber under the summoning crystal and take them out from there with sniper rifles, preferably. Keep doing this and you will eventually destroy Crota. For my fellow guardians out there, I sincerely hope that you don’t get radiant energy three times in a row.