Overview of Destiny: House of Wolves


Trials of Osiris

Bungie introduced a new PvP experience called the Trials of Osiris, an event that begins every Friday and lasts until the weekly reset on Tuesday. The event features a new 3v3 competitive multiplayer game mode called Elimination, in which two teams will battle it out until all of the players on one team are eliminated in the round. Winning in the trials is rewarded with good loot including new weapons and gear that has the ability to grant you 34 light level; however, losing grants you nothing, so the need for good teamwork and skill is imperative in order to succeed in the highly competitive event.

Before you battle in the trials, you first need to visit a new NPC (non-playable character), Brother Vance, in the Reef social space. There, you can buy your trials passage, which grants you entrance into the event, and also purchase new consumables that give you bonuses such as winning your first match counts as a second win and forgiving your first loss. After several wins, you can purchase reward packages that can contain the trial armor, weapons, or passage coins. Passage coins are new currency in the Destiny economy that are used to buy the trials consumables, which are found in the trials and in daily crucible activities.


The Shadow Thief

The DLC House of Wolves also contains a new strike, The Shadow Thief, which takes place on a Fallen Ketch located on the Earth’s moon. Unlike other the other strikes, The Shadow Thief is a short yet hectic mission to hunt down and kill the Fallen mercenary Taniks. In addition, Bungie decided to expand the game by adding a new weapon, the scorch cannon, which Taniks uses throughout the strike, and exploding shanks. Players are guided by the Queen’s assistant Petra while they encounter him several times before the last showdown deep within the Fallen Ketch. It shouldn’t take players more than fifteen minutes to complete the strike on normal, but will certainly require more patience and time if it’s chosen as the weekly nightfall.

“It’s quick-paced and a lot of action,” said Datto, a Destiny youtuber.

Overall, players should enjoy this strike for its simplicity and action-packed objectives.


Prison of Elders

Bungie’s latest expansion for Destiny was House of Wolves, and with it came the Prison of Elders. Access to this new game mode was teased live via Twitch through Variks, the Loyal, one of the last remaining members of the House of Judgment and the warden of the prison. The idea behind the Prison of Elders is to test your strength against the Reef’s most formidable enemies to earn new loot, whether it is level 34 armor or new weapons that look like the Fallen’s. Inside the prison itself there are five arenas, each of which is filled with one of the five enemy types in Destiny: the Fallen, the Hive, the Cabal, and the Vex. In each arena three guardians have to defeat waves of these enemies with modifiers dictating how they do the fighting. These arenas will sometimes have a “boss” in them, an overpowered version of its race’s lesser beings. To get access to the treasure room (Queen’s Crystal Barrow), the three guardians will have to live through the five arenas. Depending on the level of the game, your rewards will either be a weapon core, an armor core, etheric light, motes of light, and Queen’s Guard Weapons.