Is Netflix Good or Bad?

After a long day, Netflix is the perfect way to wind down. Although some people refuse to admit it, binge-watching has become a part of many people’s lives. Whether you define binge-watching as finishing an entire season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ overnight, or watching five episodes of ‘Friends’ in one sitting, binge-watching is the practice of watching multiple TV episodes in one sitting.

This new found form of television gluttony is “unhealthy,” according to Junior Hannah Kaplan. “Binge-watching is the new way to watch TV. But after watching more than three episodes of ‘One Tree Hill’ I know I need to stop,” said Kaplan.

“Netflix kills your chores and homework, it’s all you want to do,” said Junior Maggie Miles, “It’s a distraction, and I even give up my social life for it.”

Although some forms of binge-watching are worse than others, Junior Sarah Rector spends hours on end watching six to seven episodes a day. “My parents hate it, they say it sucks up my time and money because I eat too much while watching TV.”

Parents have strong and diverse opinions of Netflix and the binge-watching epidemic. Junior Nick Bennet said, “I watch two or three episodes a day, my parents hate it because I sit, don’t do anything, and gain weight.”

However, mother and library assistant at Woodgrove, Mrs. Hawthorne believes having access to a full season of a TV series can be a bonding experience for people, and watches Netflix everyday as a family activity. “I love Netflix and Amazon Prime TV. My family and I watch it every day. It’s something nice we can do together.”

In the defense of Netflix, sophomore Tessa Salahi said “watching a few episodes is fine. Everybody does it.”

“I watch Netflix responsibly, one episode a day after practice to chill,” said junior Thomas Ellis. “Binge-watching is an exciting lifestyle I’m dying to try.”