Ubisoft Releases New Game


Ubisoft’s game, ‘The Division,’ released to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on March 8, 2016. The Division is named after the book written by Tom Clancy, but the two aren’t directly linked. The game takes place less than a month after a major virus known as the Green Dollar Flu hit New York City which then descended into raw chaos and turmoil. Its inhabitants were ushered out of the city as quickly as possible, and those who were unable to escape remained in the contaminated city. Factions arose such as the Rikers, Cleaners, and Last Man Battalion with no official police force to enforce common law. Yet to resolve the disorganization and bring New York City back to its feet, an elite, small circle of combat agents known as the Division was put into action. Gamers get to play as these ‘agents’ and fight alongside the Joint Task Force (JTF), who also are working to save NYC.

The Division is a Massive Multiplayer Online game where players can meet up (up to four in a party) to combat the chaos by going through story missions, side missions, and a side element called encounters. Each story mission and encounter is representative of a certain field that the Base of Operations assesses: the medical wing, the technology wing, and the security wing.  Each completed task awards experience points to level up. Once a player reaches level 30, which takes an estimated 24 hours if working alongside friends or 30 hours if playing solo, special missions pop up called Daily Missions in addition to a very difficult Challenge Mode mission. Players grind their time to find better gear, weapons, weapon modifications, gear modifications, and customizable clothing. All in all, the Division is a great game for ages 17 and up to play, and even more so when players cooperate with other players or friends.

No multiplayer shooter games are complete without PvP (player versus player) content. This also applies to The Division, but unlike other games, PvP takes on a different form known as The Dark Zone. Players contend with each other for high-level gear, while battling non-playable characters as well. Players may still gather a group of four to complete these challenges in the six available Dark Zones, but there’s always the option to go rogue on friendly agents (eliminating them). Punishment awaits those who go rogue, though, due to the fact the player will lose most of their earned money and experience points gathered from one of the Dark Zones. After the player gathers his/her loot from downed enemies and agents, they must extract their loot at an extraction zone, many of which are scattered throughout the map.

Although players can still fight each other in the Dark Zone, there isn’t enough incentive to do so. Orthodox, multiplayer video games like Call of Duty and Halo provide much more of this and have seen more success within the gaming community as a result. As IGN has said, “The Division’s best elements get lost in a busy shuffle of conflicting ideas and open-world filler.” The Division seems to have tried to reinvent PvP in this third person shooter, but it lacks enough content to warrant continued play.