Editorial: Students Adjust to School Changes


Written by Brittany Nelson and River Stone

Each year, Woodgrove students know one thing for sure: when the school year begins, there will be change.

To maximize the effectiveness of bus sharing between schools, Loudoun County Public Schools decided to push back start times for high schools. Woodgrove’s official school hours now go from 9:10 am to 3:58 pm. This change not only affects the start and end times for school, but the change has greatly impacted lunch shifts.

Despite the changing environment, Woodgrove’s students and faculty are historically adaptable. We’ll survive almost any change, but don’t mess with end times and lunch times. That makes people grumpy.

In response to moving up the school’s starting time, administrators moved the lunch shifts to an earlier time during second and sixth block instead of during third and seventh. Although it may not seem like a big difference, this means that students and staff who are scheduled for first lunch, eat at 10:45 am. Many students have questioned why a 15-minute time shift should push all lunches forward by an hour and a half. This means that many students are not having anything to eat after 11:15 in the morning. With the school day ending at four pm, and for those staying after school for activities, that’s a long and frustrating block of time.

“It’s hard because by the time practice rolls around, because you’ve lost most of your energy from your food at lunch,” says varsity cross-country runner Sophie Hudak. “I don’t have any energy left over for practice, and runners can’t eat a ton right before practice without it affecting their performance in a negative way.”

Adaptable as ever, though, some students are adjusting. “Having lunch right after first block is definitely an adjustment, but I’m slowly getting used to it,” says junior Everly Soyka, “It’s a little strange having it so early because for some people, it’s almost like a second breakfast, but I think the initial shock is wearing off and people are adjusting.”

One popular school change has been the Den-time change to eighth block rather than sixth. Seniors, especially, have taken advantage of this by scheduling early release during this block.

“At first I didn’t like the idea, but I believe that a lot of the seniors this year have used it for early release, including me,” says senior Michelle Meed, “It’s nice because I can stay eighth block to do any work I need, or I can choose to leave early.”

School changes are inevitable, but WHS students and faculty consistently evolve and go with the flow. Just bring a snack to eat to cover your late afternoon hunger pangs.