Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine


Woodgrove senior Hope Fahrner after receiving her COVID-19 vaccination. Photo provided by Hope Fahrner

Written by Mia Cammarota, Carissa Vergeres, and Emma Tetreault

The long anticipated COVID-19 vaccine is finally being distributed globally, and in the U.S, 12% of Americans have already received their first dose, but the quick push to get the vaccine out has lots of people questioning its side-effects and safety. Scientists, vaccine companies, and the CDC have repeatedly confirmed the safety and legitimacy of the vaccine. Here are three common concerns we can debunk to put your mind at ease when deciding whether or not to receive the vaccine. 


Concern #1 – “I don’t know what’s in the vaccine.”


While this may seem like a valid concern, there are many universally shared experiences that have exposed us all to germs and bacteria that should be far more frightening. When debating whether or not to get the vaccine, consider the following: If you have ever drank from a public water fountain, swam in a lake, eaten candy from one of those dispensers at restaurants, or been to a Chuck E. Cheese, then whatever is in the vaccine should be the least of your worries. 

On a more serious note, anyone is able to look up what’s in all versions of the vaccine with a simple Google search. We understand it isn’t easy to comprehend the medical lingo used to describe these ingredients, so we’ll break it down. The Pfizer vaccine contains only one active ingredient: mRNA. These are microscopic messengers that tell your body how to make proteins that help build antibodies. Despite what some may say, there are no COVID-19 particles being injected into your body, which brings us to the next common excuse. 


Concern #2 – “I don’t want to get sick!”


Other myths being spread include that the vaccine can alter DNA, cause long-term effects, or that those who have already had the coronavirus don’t need the vaccine. These misconceptions have been proven false numerous times. The vaccine will not only protect you from getting sick with the coronavirus, but will prevent you from spreading it to others. 


Concern #3 – “It was rolled out way too fast! Was it even tested?”


There has also been suspicion regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine, which has led to an increase in hesitancy. However, it has been stated by Pfizer and Moderna that their vaccines show approximately 95% efficacy at preventing mild to severe symptoms of COVID-19. 

The CDC has also continuously reassured the public that the vaccine is safe, regardless of its fast-paced development. The vaccine is currently being administered to U.S. citizens in one or two sessions, which ensure maximal protection. This includes the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine, requiring only one dose, proven to be just as effective as the Pfizer two-dose vaccine. 


All in all, the COVID-19 vaccine is not something you should be hesitant to get. You have most likely exposed your body to much stranger, foul things. The sooner everyone gets vaccinated, the sooner we can all go back to normal life.