Break Up and Out With Your Burnout

As students begin to bounce back from the past two years, they find themselves burnt out and unable to resume their pre-pandemic busy schedule.

Walking around Woodgrove, you might spot a student sleeping in the library or another student scrolling mindlessly through a phone on the bench.  On the surface, this appears as laziness, but this extreme fatigue is a burnout symptom. The cause: taking on too much responsibility. Woodgrove students have full schedules including school, sports or other extracurricular activities after school, work, and family commitments.

Being busy can be great, however being busy doesn’t equal being successful. When  students find themselves simply finishing tasks and sacrificing the creativity of learning only to accomplish good grades, that is burnout. Obsessing over one C+ to the point that anxiety causes the demise of other grades and classes, that is burnout.  Overplanning or “biting off more than one can chew” is common in today’s youth. All of this can have a serious effect on mental and physical health, both of which are already at risk from the on-going pandemic stress.

 In closing, make time for yourself. Be proud of what you have accomplished. Take the victory nap. Eat the nachos.  Avoid burnout.