Black Friday Bonanza

While most people stay home after Thanksgiving dinner recovering from their massive food coma, an elite, brave few are preparing themselves, mentally and physically, for the chaos that is Black Friday. 

Being a first timer to Black Friday, I had no idea what to expect when I was driving into Leesburg around ten o’clock in the evening.  I was planning on buying a game from GameStop that was on sale for $40, and then going to the Outlets.  But GameStop didn’t open until midnight and there was nothing happening in that shopping center, so I headed over to Battlefield to hit Target and Kohl’s.

Parking wasn’t too bad but there definitely was not an abundance of parking spaces.  I headed into Target for the Electronics section and it was packed to the brim with ‘deal hunters.’  Everything held a yellow tag, “Price Cut,” and there was very limited supplies of movies, television shows, CD’s, gifts, games, everything.

The common item that I saw in almost everyone’s hands was televisions; I knew the savings on televisions were the best this weekend and only for a very short time.  I cut my way through a mass of people waiting to check out and found myself in the Xbox games where I saw the same game I was waiting to get at GameStop, for $5 cheaper.  I grabbed the game, and found another that my sister wanted for Christmas, and grabbed a present for my mom on the way out.

I found an empty register and rushed out of Target.  I went next door to Kohl’s to see if I could find anything for the rest of my family members.  The crowds in Kohl’s were twice as crazy as Target since it was now after Midnight and Kohl’s had been open for a very short time.  I had to push and shove my way around to see what little amount of merchandise was still left only an hour after the store’s opening.  I found a gift that I liked and headed to check out.  I had to take my place at a long line that was all the way back at the customer service desk and ended at the registers at the front of the store.  I waited for 35 minutes before deciding that the gift was not worth the wait and frustration; the cashiers at Kohl’s operate at crawling speeds even on weekdays, so those customers would be waiting forever.

I’m glad that I went out on Black Friday so I can cross it off the bucket list, but since I’m not regularly a big shopper, I was not expecting too much excitement out of it.  On Sunday, I logged onto my computer to find any deals for Cyber Monday, and decided to check Amazon; I love Amazon.  The website shows you the price in stores, from the merchant, and Amazon’s price with your savings all in a short description.  Navigating the site I discovered a section called “Lightening Deals” with a clock counting down for items.  An item would go on sale every few hours, with a limited supply, with huge savings.  I watched and waited the three minutes for the gift I had found for my dad, and as soon as it went on sale, I claimed and ordered the item.  Minutes later I checked back and noticed that 100% of the item’s supply had been claimed along with two other DVD’s.

If you are in need of big savings on Holiday Gifts, I would suggest saving yourself the hassle and the high blood pressure, and wait for online savings on Amazon or other sites, and utilize unique opportunities such as Lightning Deals.