Sounds of the Season

The “Sounds of the Season Concert” has become an annual holiday tradition at Woodgrove High School.  With a mix of orchestra and choral elements, the concert was a “definite hit” according to Mrs. Jessica Morgan, Choral Director.

 In the words of Woodgrove Principal Mr. Shipp, “You could drive 40 miles east to the Kennedy Center and buy an $80 ticket for something you could see here for free.”

The high quality performance included traditional holiday songs mixed with some modern hits.  Unconventional songs like “The Twelve Days After Christmas,” performed by the Women’s Choir, were followed later by “Christmas Concerto,” performed by the Advanced Orchestra.  The somber, traditional feel of certain songs complemented the upbeat, somewhat funky, pop culture sound of others.

Topping off the concert was the final number “Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah,” a staple of holiday music.  For this final number, students from all the different ensembles (Acapella, Men’s, Women’s, Treble, and Chamber Choirs and both Intermediate and Advanced Orchestra) took the stage and put out an invitation for any audience members who were knowledgeable about “Hallelujah Chorus” to join them on stage.  About 15 members of the audience joined the performance.

At the conclusion of the piece, the audience erupted with applause and gave the entire group a continuous standing ovation which lasted almost five minutes.