Novel Review: “Flavor of the Week”


Romance, love triangles, friendship, betrayal, heartbreak and food: all that are traits commonly found in a good young adult novel. Flavor of the Week by Tucker Shaw has it all. It is the tale of overweight high school senior, Cyril Bartholomew, who is hopelessly in love with cooking and his lab partner/long-time crush named Rose. They are great friends, but Cyril fears that her affection for him is only friendly.

Although cooking is his life’s passion, he hides his talent from everyone, with the exception of his family and his childhood best friend Nick. Nick moved away, but he emerges into the plot during a party, decides he also likes Rose, and to Cyril’s horror, Rose feels mutually infatuated with Nick.

Desperate to impress Rose, Nick begs Cyril to make a romantic dinner for Rose and Nick, and let Nick take the credit for cooking. He hesitantly agrees, and one dinner leads to another, and soon Cyril finds himself in the middle of a love triangle between his best friend and the love of his life.

Can he keep up the lie? Find out for yourself by reading Flavor of the Week, you might find yourself unable to put it down, always hungry for more.

Shaw is a creative writer whose works are not limited to young adult novels, he also writes adult novels.

To spice things up, at the end of every chapter, Shaw includes the recipe for one of the dishes prepared in the chapter.

Published in 2003 by Hyperion Book Co. Flavor of the Week is a quick read with 224 pages. The novel is sweet and captures the tribes and tribulations of high school and “classic” teen drama.

Loyalty and friendship could be said to be the main themes of Flavor of the Week. In the novel, Cyril has to decide whether to help his best friend and lie to his love, or to tell Rose everything and risk his friendship and his chance with Rose.

In this book you will find out that actions have consequences, and you’ll discover that being true to yourself is important and necessary.