Written by Jordan Fiala and Connor Graham, and Keagan Lanham

As the Halloween season approaches, and the urge to be scared becomes a common theme among teens, students are going to want to know what scary movies and shows to watch. To achieve this, 10% of the school’s student body’s opinions were collected.

Best Horror Movies On Netflix:
1. The Shining
2. Hush
3. The Babadook
4. Last Shift
5. Holidays

Best Horror Shows On Netflix:
1. Supernatural
2. Goosebumps
3. The Haunting Hour
4. The X-Files
5. The Twilight Zone

Best Horror Movies Ever:
1. Get Out
2. The Conjuring
3. Blair Witch Project
4. Insidious
5. It Comes At Night

Best Horror Novels:
1. IT
2. Salem’s Lot
3. Dracula
4. Misery
5. Carrie

Spooky Attractions Near Purcellville:

Location: Leesburg, VA
Dates: Sept. 29-Oct. 29
Open Fri. and Sat.(7:00pm-10:00pm)
and Sun. (7:00-9:00pm)
Tickets: $35 Online, $40 at the door

Wayside Farm Fun:
Night Maze
Location: Berryville, VA
Dates: Oct. 20-Oct.21
Open from 6:00pm-10:00pm
Tickets: $10

Mark Off’s Haunted Forest
Location: Dickerson, MD
Dates: Sept. 29-Oct. 31
Open at 7:00pm (must be in parking
lot at 10:30pm)
Tickets: $25

Movie Review: “IT”

Not only does Stephen King’s book, “IT” have a nightmare inducing TV Series, but it now has a modern movie adaptation. IT (2017) broke box office records with its opening weekend, and when people see this movie, they’ll understand why. Not only is this movie full of intense, gory jump scares and creepy visuals, its main characters are hilarious. The original TV series for “IT,” with Tim Curry as Pennywise the clown, is a great adaptation of the book. The thing is, it’s about three hours long and stock full of cheesy dialogue and special effects. The TV series never seemed to feel as dark or scary as it could be. However, the movie IT
(2017) is completely different. This movie keeps your attention locked onto the screen from beginning to end. Throughout the movie, the clown never seems to stop going after the kids, keeping you glued to your seat, as you never know whether or not they are safe. It takes a while to feel sympathy for the characters in the movie, but once you do, you’re fully engaged. You want
the children to be safe, which is good because it makes the scary scenes scarier and more emotional. Overall, this movie is a must-see for anyone seeking a thrill. It’s very entertaining and worth the ticket money. However, anyone squeamish or faint of heart should beware, since there are some pretty violent scenes.