Restaurant Reviews: Eating at Loudoun County’s Hidden Gems


Dolce and Ciabatta sandwich

A first date. Dinner before a school dance. A victory meal with your team after a tough game. Some of the best high school memories are made in restaurants, whether it be fast food or fine dining. Food is much more than just eating for high school students- it’s a source of socialization. To help you find the next great place to eat, the Outlander staff reviewed two of the most highly rated restaurants within 20 miles of Woodgrove on Yelp, and included our personal top picks for the next time you want to hang out with friends or just get a delicious meal.

Roots 657

Where: 42301 Spinks Ferry Road Leesburg, VA 20176

Roots 657 doubles as both a local market and cafe based on the intersection of Route 15 and 657 in the Leesburg and Lucketts area. The welcoming and hospitable environment offers a variety of freshly prepared and delicious dishes that can be enjoyed by everyone. The menu features barbecue options such as pulled pork and smoked turkey, and other American favorites like burgers and mac and cheese. The food is generally priced around the $10 range. This place sets aside from the rest, because it prepares quality food that makes one feel as if they were at a family barbecue. On top of that, Roots also markets local products, goodies and pieces of art from around the region, including the pottery of Woodgrove art teacher, Shawn Grove.

Dolce and Ciabatta

Where: 9H Catoctin Cir SW Leesburg, VA 20175

Dolce and Ciabatta is a cafe hidden in an unassuming ‘strip-mall’ near the Leesburg Safeway. The inside has a clean and bright atmosphere that creates a cheery dining environment. Dolce and Ciabatta offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options, ranging from $3.25 to $10.25. This cafe sets itself apart from many other breakfast spots in Loudoun County because it doesn’t just offer the typical coffee and croissants, but instead offers sandwiches, pastries, and diverse drink options such as organic lemonade, lattes, and mochas. This cafe offers choices for everyone, whether it be someone who wants a quick cup of coffee, or a brunch date with a friend.