The “Winter Games”

Winter sports are just around the corner and we have a great variety of activities to do, including basketball, swimming, pep band, wrestling, and winter cheer.

Basketball is starting November 30th and the teams are looking to build on last season’s success.  The boys varsity team, who made it all the way to the region semifinals last season, hope to take it one step further this year by advancing to states.

Winter cheer is competitive and also performs at the basketball games.  The junior varsity cheer group performs at the JV games and the varsity cheer team performs at the varsity basketball games.

“ [In my opinion,] cheering at the basketball games are more fun than cheering at the football games,” said sophomore Addie Segredahl.

Pep band also helps support the basketball teams by performing during the boys and girls varsity games.

“Pep band helps me keep up my playing even though I am not in band class,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Delitta.

This year, the swim team decided to nick there dry land practices from last year and just stick to pool time. Last year, the team was comprised of just 24 people, but this year that number has increased to 31, including about 10 boys compared to only 6 last year.

“We are just a big happy family and so much fun,” said sophomore Elena Camp.

The wrestling team hopes to carry their the momentum from last year, after doing well in their first scrimmage against Loudoun Valley. Senior Bret Decker had the highest wrestling wins last season.

“I am doing wrestling to improve my MMA fighting,” said sophomore Dale Nichols.