Woodgrove Defeats Valley in the Football Game of the Year

By Adam Hudler and Trey McCleary.

Purcellville is known for its cross-town rivalry between Woodgrove and Loudoun Valley High School. The game was held on November 8, 2013, a big day for high school students. Valley, a worthy opponent of Woodgrove had an 8-1 winning record prior to the game, while Woodgrove came in 6-3. Although Valley is a division lower than Woodgrove, both teams fought fiercely.

Josh Sweet, Woodgrove’s star running back and Brandon Grayson, Valley’s key linebacker were two key players in the battle for bragging rights over Purcellville. Valley had trouble gaining yards over the Wolverine defense and Woodgrove’s offense took advantage of this, scoring 5 times until the game was over with a score of 35-0.

Woodgrove’s Wild (student section) stormed the field just like the last year, after shouting and cheering for their football team. Although Valley lost, they were set to enter the playoffs and play shortly against another team in their district. Woodgrove also hopes to go far in its section, but will have to stay committed and play together. Woodgrove plays Saturday, November 16th at 1 p.m. in the first round of Regionals, while Valley’s next game is still to be confirmed.